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New water tanks for our Tea Tree Farmers in Kenya

Published: Thursday, 01 September 2016

Earthoil is committed to helping improve the lives of those who are involved with our projects - the 600 + farmers and their families, who work together to decide how fair trade premiums are used. 

We are excited to have helped deliver 40 new 3000ltr water tanks to its Tea Tree Farmers in Kenya. The farmers are members of the Kenya Organic Oil Farmers Association (KOOFA) and are the first to benefit from the three year project that will see water tanks issued to all of the 615 farmers they are hoping to support. Over 2000 family members will eventually utilise the new water tanks, hoping to put extra time that is usually used to fetch water into other activities. 

Earthoil, the personal care and cosmetics ingredients division of Treatt, offers a range of pure, organic, fair trade and natural essential oils.

Earthoil is committed to offering low-allergen ingredients and works to reduce the problems personal care manufacturers face in using essential oils. With consumers increasingly seeking safer and ethically sound personal care products, allergen levels create fresh opportunities for manufacturers worldwide to differentiate cosmetics and fragrances.

The African operations of Earthoil Plantations Ltd. are now certified carbon neutral. Over three months, the Earthoil team has donated and installed more than 45 stoves in 19 communities across three counties. Its staff has also delivered in excess of 600 hours of training to 46 families.

Earthoil has taken a massive step towards further improving its credentials by neutralising its carbon emissions in Kenya. Its customers value sustainability very highly, so this is a significant step for the growing business.

Earthoil Showcase African Oils at In-Cosmetics, Paris, 2016

Far from being one homogenous continent, Africa comprises over 50 countries each with a heritage of using indigenous nuts and seeds to make oils for a variety of applications from food to cosmetics.

Earthoil launches organic, fair trade ethanol

Published: Friday, 16 October 2015

Earthoil has responded to increased global demand for sustainably-sourced ingredients with the launch of an organic, fair trade (Fair For Life), sugar cane-derived alternative to petro-ethanol. The latest addition to Earthoil’s portfolio is produced sustainably from organic sugar cane at a family-owned facility in the San Antonio region of Brazil. Using technology designed to maintain the ecological and social harmony of the surrounding environment, the ethanol is grown, harvested and processed according to a tightly controlled, holistic system.

An all-female co-operative in the Souss Valley area of Morocco has gained better access to healthcare, thanks to its partnership with Earthoil to produce the only Fairtrade argan oil in the world. A full check-up was completed for each of the 60-strong group of women and a medical record created, with the majority having never previously seen a doctor. The initiative was funded by fair trade premiums, which have been paid as a result of Earthoil providing the co-operative members with a direct route to the global cosmetics market.

Rising consumer demand for consumer goods, food and energy, coupled with a population that will increase from around 7.2 billion in 2014 to 9.0 billion by 2040, is accelerating the strain on global resources[1]. Humans are starting to fully understand the detrimental impact they are having on the world and are beginning to take action on a cause that so desperately needs to be addressed.

Wonder crop saves farmers from millipedes

Published: Tuesday, 17 February 2015

It is Sunday morning but Robert Maina will not join his family for a service at a nearby church in Kieni East, Nyeri County. The Seeds of Gold team finds him picking worms from his farm, which he is keen to fill with a new crop.

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