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Rising consumer demand for consumer goods, food and energy, coupled with a population that will increase from around 7.2 billion in 2014 to 9.0 billion by 2040, is accelerating the strain on global resources[1]. Humans are starting to fully understand the detrimental impact they are having on the world and are beginning to take action on a cause that so desperately needs to be addressed.

Wonder crop saves farmers from millipedes

Published: Tuesday, 17 February 2015

It is Sunday morning but Robert Maina will not join his family for a service at a nearby church in Kieni East, Nyeri County. The Seeds of Gold team finds him picking worms from his farm, which he is keen to fill with a new crop.

Putting the spotlight on sustainability

Published: Friday, 30 January 2015

Earthoil will bring its extensive portfolio of pure, organic, fair trade essential and cold pressed vegetable seed oils to in-cosmetics 2015. With increased strain on the world’s resources, sustainability is now of mainstream consumer concern and Earthoil will showcase how its ethically sourced ingredients can be used to create ecofriendly personal care products with unique cosmetic properties.

Fragrance is the first impression your customer has of your formulation. You need to make a good initial sensory impact so whatever fragrance challenge the formulator has been given, Earthoil will have a solution.

Earthoil expands low-allergen portfolio

Published: Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Earthoil, the personal care and cosmetics ingredients division of Treatt, is expanding its range of modified essential oils which are low in allergens and substances of concern, as well as pure, organic, fair trade and natural essential oils, in the wake of tightening legislation and accelerated consumer demand.

Earthoil is working with pioneering organic skincare company, Neal’s Yard Remedies, to supply argan seed oil from the Souss Valley area of Morocco. With unique cosmetic properties, as well as organic status, the argan seed oil is sourced from the only Fairtrade producer in the world. Earthoil’s oil responds to increased demand for traceable raw materials, enabling the creation of credible, ethical personal care products.

Ylang Ylang – So good they named it twice!

Published: Friday, 05 September 2014

Cananga odorata, better known as ylang ylang, is currently a popular consumer choice, with demand remaining high for this essential oil. With a subtle signature scent, ylang ylang oil has many uses, including perfumes, cosmetic products and aromatherapy.

Keep sesame on the street!

Published: Friday, 05 September 2014

Exceptional stability and long shelf life make it a popular component of many cosmetic and industrial products. The nutty, sweet aroma also means sesame oil has many exciting uses in international cuisine.

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