Earthoil becomes a Carbon Neutral organisation in Africa

Earthoil becomes a Carbon Neutral organisation in Africa

Published: Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The African operations of Earthoil Plantations Ltd. are now certified carbon neutral. Over three months, the Earthoil team has donated and installed more than 45 stoves in 19 communities across three counties. Its staff has also delivered in excess of 600 hours of training to 46 families.

Earthoil has taken a massive step towards further improving its credentials by neutralising its carbon emissions in Kenya. Its customers value sustainability very highly, so this is a significant step for the growing business.

Special Projects Director, Miquel Boix Tomas, said, “This was an important initiative for us on many levels. Not only have we been able to achieve a certification that our global customers appreciate, but more importantly, we’ve improved the lives of communities across the region.”

Cooking on open fires houses contributes towards over 1.5 million deaths per year worldwide, according to the WHO. By giving away gasifier stoves to the majority of its Kenyan tea tree farmers, Earthoil has cut harmful smoke, carbon monoxide and saved trees by helping communities to use less fuel.

Gasifier stoves are less polluting, smoke free and are much more efficient. This generates carbon credits for the company with which it can offset its CO2 emissions of its own African operations.

Miquel Boix Tomas championed the scheme and continues “When compared with the open fire, the new stove has twice the thermal efficiency, uses less than a third of the fuel, cuts poisonous carbon monoxide by a factor of 10 and smoke-borne particulates by a factor of 16. The wood-gasifier stoves can also use multiple types of fuel, such as crop residues, not just firewood and gasification yields reusable charcoal.