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Sustainability CornerThis is the frst in a series of artcles about Earthoil’s sustainability actvites and features biochar, a special charcoal, used as both a fuel, soil improver and a carbon sink helping to mitgate our greenhouse gas emissions.COMPOSTED BIOCHAR MANUREWaste biomass from processes such as Earthoil’s tea tree producton can break down with tme and release carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere aggravatng climate change.  Instead, we convert the biomass into biochar by using pyrolysis (a way of burning without oxygen). The resultant black charcoal (biochar) is actvated and composted with manure and then added as a soil amendment to the crop.     Its enormous surface area holds water and nutrients that otherwise might be leached and releases them slowly back  to the soil. Its microporous structure also helps the development of soil microfora and root ramifcaton.  All this translates into higher crop yields and increasedcrop resilience, especially during dry periods. These  soil improvement propertes have been known to  beneft agriculture for over 1,000 years and lock in  carbon that would otherwise be released into the  atmosphere, since biochar is a much more stable  form or carbon in comparison to compost or other  organic fertlisers. This really is a win-win situaton.Biochar is one of the elements that Earthoil is using  to become more sustainable, watch this secton for  more news in our next editon.    BIOCHAR KON-TIKI KILNTo fnd out more, please get in touch via

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