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EARTHOIL.COMEarthoil is the personal care and cosmetc ingredients division of Treat and specialises in the manufacture and supply of pure, organic, fair trade essental and cold pressed vegetable seed oils. Ethical, fair and sustainable trade is at the heart of Earthoil. Treat, the parent company, is a global independent supplier of innovatve ingredient  solutons for the favour, fragrance and consumer goods industries renowned for its technical expertse and knowledge of ingredients, their origins and market conditons.Earthoil | Northern Way | Bury St. Edmunds | Sufolk | UK | IP32 6NLTel: +44 (0)1284 702500 | Fax: +44 (0)1284 703809 | Email: sales@earthoil.comEvents - come and meet usIn Cosmetcs Global | Stand C331 (E)17 - 19th April 2018 | Amsterdam, NENYSCC Suppliers Day | Booth 1049 (D)15 - 16th May 2018 | New York City, USAIn Cosmetcs Asia (D)1st November 2018 | Bangkok, ThailandSCS Formulate Exhibiton (V)13 - 14th November 2018 | Coventry, UK(E) = Exhibitng       (D) = Distributor       (V) = VisitngNew Food Hygiene Certfcaton AchievedWe are proud to be one of just a handful of African manufacturers to have achieved the prestgious FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certfcaton. This internatonally recognised and highly regarded standard provides an integral framework for efectvely managing food safety responsibilites.As a company commited to the highest consumer safety regulatons, we are delighted to be able to share the benefts of this certfcaton with our global customer base.Gregory Wanabaswa, Earthoil Food Safety and Quality Control Supervisor, oversaw the implementaton of this framework and said: “We are one of 18,000 companies across the world to have achieved this certfcaton and one of just a few in Africa. It gives us a foundaton to ensure that all suppliers are following our rigorous food safety management practces – protectng our customers and the end consumer.” The certfcaton is comprehensive in scope, covering everything from quality and legality to product safety and delivery. Our Athi River facility had to implement a series of new processes and systems to ensure they could evidence the robust delivery of an efectve food quality and safety operaton. Food safety plans and quality management systems were put in place, monitoring product and process control in new and innovatve ways. Additonal audits and comprehensive training ensure that Earthoil’s dedicaton to contnuous improvement will contnue to move the growing business forward.Achieving this certfcaton has made a meaningful diference to how we support our customers.For more informaton on how FSSC 22000 can beneft your organisaton, get in touch by emailing

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