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The Coconut Craze ContnuesCOCONUT PROCESSING IN SAMOAWith no signs of its popularity or demand slowing down our provenance will keep your consumers excited. Coconut grows prolifcally across tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world and it's oil has been used as an ingredient in personal care, both as a skin moisturiser and hair conditoner for hundreds of years.As it contnues to gather pace in new product launches, we focus on one of our key producer groups, fresh of the plane from a recent visit to our suppliers in Samoa. During our stay we visited several farmers both in Savai’i and Upolu islands to see the coconut producton frst hand. As opposed to most coconut oils in the market, Earthoil Samoan coconut oil is processed directly on the farm, ensuring the farmers themselves reap the fnancial benefts.  Sustainable SourcingWe empower and equip rural families to cultvate sustainable businesses that maximize  farm-based resources. We support  a virgin coconut oil project in Samoa, run by a not-for-proft women’s foundaton, WIBDI (Women in Business Development Inc.), which is dedicated to strengthening village economies in Samoa in ways that honour indigenous traditon, use traditonal and modern technology, and promote fair trade.The foundaton currently works with many family groups, with several virgin coconut oil (VCO) sites already up and running. This means any proft generated from the sale of this material returns to the village and the people within the community.Organic CredentalsThere are currently 667 certfed farmers in the area – the majority of whom are growing coconuts. Around 20,000kg of coconut oil is produced a year and full organic certfcaton has been obtained. This project is producing a livelihood for families, enabling them to remain at home and earn a regular income.Collecton and ProductonThe nuts are collected before being cracked open and the white fesh extracted by hand. This faked fesh is then carefully dried before being passed through a hand-operated flter press to produce virgincoconut oil within an hour of cracking the nut. Benefts in cosmetcsCoconut oil has a high saturated fat content,  making it a sustainable ingredient with a long  shelf life. It is readily absorbed into the skin, as  generatons of users can confrm. It has high levels  of antoxidants which, when the oil is used is  cosmetc formulatons, may help protect against free  radical formaton and damage to the skin. It has deep  moisturising propertes, making it a frm favourite across  a number of applicatons.For more informaton about our virgin coconut  oil project in Samoa visit

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