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Marvellous MintEarthoil has a long history of sourcing the fnest mint from one of the world’s largest mint producing countries, India. On a recent visit to the Haryana region, just north of Delhi, our team were able to see frst-hand how its Indian mint growing facility is working closely with the government to promote organic farming and supportng small scale farmers.MINT BEING HARVESTED IN INDIASustainable SourcingThe climate in India ofers the optmum growing conditons for mint, which needs very hot temperatures during the day, and the contrast of much cooler temperatures at night. Grown only in the north of India, it is planted from roots in January and harvested in May and then again in July. For centuries mint has been utlised in personal care, medicine and for culinary purposes. The most common and popular mints for cultvaton are peppermint (Mentha piperita) with its fresh, strong, grassy odour and cool, refreshing favour, complemented by a sweet background; corn mint (Mentha arvensis) which provides a high impact favour, less sweet than peppermint; and spearmint (Mentha spicata), with its foral top notes and fresh, green odour.We ofer organic peppermint (Mentha piperita) and spearmint oils, which add a refreshing mint aroma to a variety of personal care applicatons.Working together with the community…We work closely with several producton centres around India, all organic certfed. In turn this is currently supportng over 2500 farmers and their families.The government of India is promotng organic farming by declaring certain regions as organic. Pestcides are banned, and regular checks are carried out to ensure standards are being adhered to. With this system, the farmer leases his entre farm and the costs of preparing the land, purchasing fertliser and seedlings are covered.  The farmer is then free to do the work of growing the crop. This system is hugely benefcial as the farmer receives an income both from the sale of oil and the lease of the land.  The prices paid for their oil also beneft from an organic premium of around 8%.  All the suppliers that we work with pay above minimum wage as well as helping pay to educate the worker's children and for some basic healthcare costs. If a crop is lost through food or other natural disasters, the government compensates the workers. Given that mint represents some 80-90% of the farmers total income this is a critcal beneft.Features and BeneftsMint oil is perfect for face and body care applicatons, it brightens the skins complexion due to its hydratng propertes. It is rich in antoxidants which is great for ant-ageing as well as having strong ant-infammatory propertes. This oil is our most popular for use in oral care and ofen features in aromatherapy blends or as a pure aromatherapy oil.For more informaton on this and other ingredients supplied by  Earthoil, please contact

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