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COSMOS Approved WONF'sEssental oils are a great, natural way to fragrance your formulatons but  they can be susceptble to challenges such as availability and high cost  in formulaton.The graph below highlights how the cost of expressed lime oil has fuctuated in recent years.Pure essental oils are a natural alternatve to synthetc blends and for years we have specialised in this sustainable feld.How can you keep prices under control without sacrifcing the natural nature of essental oils?6 | Other Natural Flavours)The advent of the COSMOS standards, coupled with Earthoil’s WONF (With Other Natural Flavours) expertse, has given rise to price stable matches for common volatle essental oils which can now be used in COSMOS certfed product formulatons.At the heart of each WONF is the named essental oil but it is blended by our experts with complementary natural components including high impact fragrant compounds.  Together they match the natural fragrance of the base essental oil – but at a stable and lower price.

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