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Market OverviewBringing you the latest situaton in the market, from our eyes and ears on the ground.8 | sales@earthoil.comBergamotThe market has become extremely tght as demand remains high.   The bergamot crop, which seemed to be promising at the  beginning of the season, with good availability of the fruit on the trees, is showing some troubles. 30% of the fruit is going to the fresh market, mostly to North Italy and Europe, which is willing to pay more than the industry.  Bergamot has become much more popular due to the shortage of grapefruit and the associated health issues linked to high blood pressure, along with the fact bergamot is considered healthy as it reduces the levels of cholesterol in the blood. This, of course has resulted in very high prices. We are looking very carefully to  ensure adulteraton does not creep into this precious supply of oil.  LemonDemand for fresh lemons has seen a huge increase worldwide as the demand for fresh fruit increases. Organic lemon is no  excepton, and as with bergamot this forces very frm fruit prices and processors fnd it difcult to compete for the fruit it needs to run for juice and oil. As the season progresses we see this  situaton calming a litle.Organic Sweet OrangeUnlike the conventonal orange oil market, which has seen  dramatc price fuctuatons in the past 12 months, their  organic counterparts have remained more stable due to the  diferent origins not being as afected by the recent weather  disasters in Florida. The region in Mexico responsible for  producing organic oranges has experienced favourable growing conditons and early season oil producton is expected to be  slightly higher than last year.  For more informaton on this and other ingredients supplied by Earthoil, please contact

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