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FrankincenseFrankincense is a milky white resin derived from trees belonging to the Boswellia family, of which there are around 25 diferent species.  The trees grow naturally in the dry regions spanning from West Africa (where about 75% of all Boswellia trees are found) to Arabia and south to the northeast region of Tanzania. Some can also be found in India and Madagascar. Boswellia trees have an outer bark that peels away like parchment fakes and a greenish inner bark, which contains the trees’ sap and aromatc resins.  Eucalyptus GlobulusAvailability of conventonal eucalyptus oil from China remains  difcult and prices contnue to rise. Harvestng eucalyptus requires  very unusual and not always safe working practces – the trees  grow high up in the mountains and harvestng involves climbing  trees, some of which can reach up to 55m tall, without safety ropes  to access the leaves. The migraton of the younger generaton to the  cites has been an evolving threat to the agricultural sector for many  years now, with the rural working populaton now predominantly  over the age of 50. Eucalyptus is one of the essental oils that is partcularly afected by the ongoing  labour shortages described above. Distllers, to atract workers to climb the tall trees to collect the leaves for processing, are having to pay somewhere in the region of RMB 260 ($40) per day whereas ‘normal’ wages would only be in the region of RMB 100 ($15) per day. In additon to this, farmers are more inclined to focus on the cash crops which provide them with more revenue than this low value, labour intensive choice. Those doing jobs in the city, such as delivering fast food, can earn RMB 8 to 10k (USD 1,200 to 1,500) per month which is a lot more appealing than the RMB 2 to 3k (USD 300 to 450) for agricultural work such as harvestng raw materials required for essental oil producton. We contnue to keep a very close eye on this evolving situaton for organic globulus from Europe, and we are now having to forecast stock requirements at least 12 months in advance. With the price of  conventonal oil now close to surpassing organic oil prices, demand is higher than ever, so it is prudent  to commit to orders sooner rather than later.TRAINING SERO OLDONYO UASIN IN HARVESTING FRANKINCENSE

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